Zero Speed Switches, Zero Speed Switch Sensors

Salient Features :
Tubular proximity type design for easy installation
SS / Brass housing with PTFE facing to withstand oily and greasy conditions
Dust and weatherproof construction with epoxy potted electronics, IP67 protection
Visible LED indicators for Pulse, Alarm and Normal operation
Linear 25 Turn potentiometer for adjusting the speed threshold
Built-in fixed power-up delay to overcome start-up inertia
Reverse polarity protection for input supply and current limited open collector PNP output
  Zero Speed Switches, Zero Speed Switch Sensors and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharshtra, India

Technical Specification


SS /Brass electroplated M30 X 1.5 X 100mm length Non-Flush mountable with 2Nos. SS /Brass check-nuts

Operating Voltage

10 to 30 VDC

Output current max

100 ma Open collector PNP

No Load current

15 ma

Maximum cycles of operation

6000 Pulses/min

Threshold frequency range

6 to 150 or 120 to 3000 Pulses / min

Start up delay

9 Sec

Sensing range

10 mm

Tolerable ambient temperature

0 to 60 ° C


LEDs - Yellow - Pulse, Red - Alarm, Blue - Normal


2 Mtrs. Shielded