SOLITUNE - Vibrating Fork Type Level Switch For Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Protein Powder Applications For Auger Fillers

Compact Tuning Fork Point Level Switch For Solids

System Diagram :

System Diagram

Model Selection :

Model Selection

Technical Specification



Cast Aluminium IP68


Electronics integral with probe

Cable Entry

1/2" BSP / NPT

Cable Gland

Single compression PG13.5

Mounting arrangement

1" / 1  1/4 "/ 1  1/2" BSP / NPT Flanged as per requirement

Mounting / Pipe extension M.O.C.

MS / GI / SS304 / SS316 as per requirement

Tuning Fork

SS316 / SS304


Power supply

90 to 265 V AC 50 to 60 Hz and 18 to 55 V DC

Power consumption

3 VA Max.


SPDT / DPDT relay / open collector PNP / NPN

Relay output

Potential free change over contacts rated at 6A 230 V AC 50 Hz

Open collector transistor

PNP output as standard, NPN on request, current limited to 100ma

Resonant frequency of fork

350 Hz approx. for 100 mm fork

Switching delay

Adjustable up to 25 sec. for fork covered or uncovered condition

Failsafe condition

High / Low field selectable.


Field selectable for Low and High density material


By LEDs, Yellow for status, Blue for Normal, and Red for Alarm