prismatic, No-cal Compact Point Level Switch For Liquids
No-cal Compact Point Level Switch For Liquids, Compact Tuning Fork Point Level Switch For Solids

Technical Specification


Stainless Steel SS316

Process connection

1/2" BSP / NPT, other on request

Light Guide

Polycarbonate / Polysulfone

Minimum distance from Prism apex to opp. surface


Input Supply

15....30 V DC

Max circuit current

<15 ma, reverse polarity protected

Ambient temperature

-20 to 60 °C

Medium temperature

-20 to 80 °C

Response time

Preset to < 1 S

Measuring Accuracy

+ - 0.5 mm

Fail safe

High / Low selectable

Output type

PNP open collector standard

Output Active

Max 100 mA momentary short circuit protected


LEDs, Yellow for status, Blue for Normal and Red for Alarm

Ingress Protection